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In today’s day and age we are seeing chronic disease on the rise, an increase in sedentary workplaces and high stakes positions at work add to life’s stress at home.

It’s for all these reasons, that we at The Chiropractic Works want to foster a change in culture, to live a healthier life where there are options for employees, empowering them to make better health decisions. You can do this at your business through adopting a corporate wellness program.


What is a corporate wellness program?

Our corporate wellness program focusses on taking preventative measures to keep your employees happy, healthy and focused.

Think about the maintenance spent on machinery, equipment and tools of the trade that you need to run your business. Now think about what you are doing to maintain the human resources or the team that is behind the success of your business?

“Our corporate wellness program is focused on investing in the maintenance of your team and developing a culture of health and wellness” Dr Michael Eid. Chiropractor.

Human resources are an integral part of all business. We would like to inspire a change in mindset and actions towards better health and longevity.


What are the benefits of a Corporate Wellness Program?

  • Improvement of health and wellness of your employees
  • Increased job satisfaction and reduction in presenteeism
  • Reduce sickness, absenteeism and workplace injury
  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness of the business

With the improvement of each of these areas, you will see the positive return on your investment in the health well-being of your team.


What is included in our corporate wellness program?

Work posture assessment: A typical thing we can help with is improving work posture and implementing strategies to relieve symptoms of being behind a desk.

Health screening: Screen for major burdens on the health care system. This could include basic non invasive tests like:

  • Waist to hip ratio: which has been shown to correlate with a number of chronic diseases Cardiovascular disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, overall mortality. For more information and standards about the waist to hip ratio from the World Health Organisation standards, CLICK HERE 
  • Pulse oximetry: non invasive way of determining oxygen saturation in the blood instant feedback. As well as real time heart rate, giving us good information as to how their body is working at the time. CLICK HERE to read a little more about pulse oximetry.
  • Blood pressure: One of the vital signs, blood pressure gives us an insight into the function of the circulatory system and is an indicator of health.
  • Postural assessment: Posture can be predictive of a number of musculoskeletal conditions and stress related issues.
  • Chiropractic care: Chiropractic care has been shown to beneficial in addressing many musculoskeletal complaints ranging from back pain to headaches amongst other benefits.
  • Chronic disease: Chronic diseases are a massive burden on the health care system and will have a considerable impact on the health of employees some of these conditions are listed below, we are able to assist in their assessment and management.
  • Mindfulness: Mindfulness meditation has been shown to help with many mental health benefits including stress relieving techniques, concentration, restorative sleep solutions to name a few of the benefits. A clear mind enables to clarity with decision making.
  • Sleep Education: As some employees get less sleep than they need to function well at work we have the tools educate your team about good habits that they can implement in the lead up to bed time to ensure quality rest.


Want to know more?

For more detailed information about how the above services that are part of corporate wellness program can benefits your team, please email us at and we will post you our comprehensive Corporate Wellness Package.


How can we work with you?

At The Chiropractic Works, we recognise that each business, big or small is unique with each of your employees having different needs. Therefore, we recommend a customised Corporate Wellness Program for your business.


What’s next?

Call our team on 08 8363 5773 to book a time to discuss a tailored wellness program for your team and which of our services are right for you plus you can download our FAQ’s using the link below.