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Back to school lunch box inspiration

School has started and the kids are starting to get settled in to the school routine, as parents we are busy preparing a healthy lunch box everyday to ensure during the school year we are always filling their lunch boxes with healthy, nourishing food as well as keeping them interested with new snacks.

With many of the team at The Chiropractic Works having children either about to finish school, already started school or just starting this year we compiled some of our go-to sites, Facebook pages and books to help with your inspiration to ensure a healthy, nourishing and interesting lunch box everyday.

1. Super Healthy Kids

Super Healthy Kids is an online resource for parents who are looking for ideas, recipes, and tips for feeding their kids healthier and living better. As their mission states, they are all about helping parents feed their kids healthier food with recipes, ideas, tips, meal plans and more.

Plus their article featuring their top 5 freezer friendly school lunch foods is a must read if you are needing to save time in the mornings. You can follow them on Facebook and check out their website.

Our favourite recipe and something different for the lunch box is the chocolate hummus. A delicious dip for cut fruit or pitta bread.


Chocolate Hummus for a healthy lunchbox


2. Lunchbox Solutions

Lunchbox Solutions is a new cookbook and health resource for parents written by Therese Kerr, Dr Jennifer Barham-Floreani (International award winning Chiropractor, best selling author and mother of four) and Chef Kate McAloon (Chef to numerous Hollywood stars).

Lunchbox Solutions is a world first ‘Multi-touch’ book that offers step-by-step recipes, informative videos, shopping list suggestions for easy pantry stocking solutions and loads of fantastic tips on how to vastly (and easily!) improve the health of you and your family.

You can purchase online for $9.95 as a pdf or e-book so you can have it handy at all times on your computer, tablet or smart phone. Click HERE to purchase.


3. Healthy Lunchbox

Healthy Lunchbox is a shared Facebook page for parents and carers who want ideas and inspiration for healthy lunchbox ideas – featuring articles and recipe ideas from various sites, you never know when you will be struck with inspiration just by following this Facebook page.


4. Raising Healthy Families

My baby Brilliant or Raising Healthy families as they are known on Facebook are all about helping you to raise a healthy child in unhealthy times, naturally. Empowering parents to trust their intuition, offering products to help you on your path and tools and resources that make a difference.


At The Chiropractic works, we are passionate about the health and development of your entire family. As part of our commitment to your kids who are about to or have just started school, Our Better Learning Program as has been developed to asses your child’s abilities and development to identify any areas that might need improvement.

What is the Better Learning Program? Click here to find all of the details and if it’s right for your child.

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