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We believe in and promote total family health. We are focused on providing unique, family oriented, professional care in a warm, fun and friendly environment.

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At The Chiropractic Works, we are committed to you and your health. Our team are here to assist you in reaching your health goals and answer any questions you have along the way.

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From your first phone conversation to each and every visit, you will be welcomed into our community by our friendly and caring team. Ultimately, we strive to provide you with a professional, inspiring, fun and friendly environment that will provide you with supportive and personalised care for total family health. If it’s your first time with us, you will be guided through each step of your initial consultation and care plan

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We are passionate about providing a platform of health & wellness for you. In addition to on-site Chiropractic Care we have partnered with leading professionals in the health and wellness industry including massage therapy, acupuncture, naturopathy + more

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“We have always strived to help our patients live their lives extraordinarily through enhancing their health and wellbeing via their nervous system and creating an environment to support everybody’s personal and family health goals”
Margie Barry
Margie Barry, Founder

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RECIPE: Potato Bake Lasagne by Changing Habits

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The benefits of a Corporate Wellness program at your workplace

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RECIPE | Healthy Blueberry Pikelets (perfect for the kids lunchbox)

RECIPE | Healthy Blueberry Pikelets (perfect for the kids lunchbox)

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