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The Better Learning Program has been created by The Chiropractic Works as we are passionate about the development of children and ensuring that they are prepared for the transition into school.

The program is focussed on helping kids to move, function and learn and their best.


What is the Better Learning Program?

At The Chiropractic Works we have developed a program that can assess your child’s abilities and development to identify any areas that might need improvement.

It is aimed at helping preschool aged children to be ‘School Ready’ so that their move into formal learning is as smooth as possible.

The Better Learning Program is a detailed assessment and movement program, helping children to move better, function better and learn better as they transition into Primary School.


How does it work?

The program starts with an initial assessment that includes:

  • A thorough history
  • Chiropractic and Neurological testing
  • Functional movement evaluation

Following our assessment, our team will recommend a tailored program that focuses on exercises and adjustments to improve their functional neurology, a reflection on their learning abilities.


How do you know if the program is right for your child?

  • Does your child struggle to sit still and are they constantly fidgeting?
  • Do they struggle to pay attention and follow instructions?
  • Do they have difficulty hearing or processing what has been said?
  • Is your child sensitive to touch or sound?
  • Did they dislike tummy time or not crawl correctly as a baby? Or not crawl at all?

These can sometimes indicate potential gaps in your child’s neurological development.

Our program can help to identify these and may prevent them possibly leading to learning difficulties, behavioural problems, attention and concentration deficits or developmental delays

If you have answered YES to any of the above questions, we recommend booking in for an initial consultation so we can work together in identifying your concerns and put together a tailored program for your child.


How to Book?

We have clinics located in Henley Beach, Norwood and Normanville and the Better Learning Program is available at all 3 clinics. To book your place, please call our team at your preferred location, let our team know the booking is for the Better Learning Program and we will organise the rest.

  • HENLEY BEACH  08 8235 1922
  • NORWOOD  08 8363 5773
  • NORMANVILLE   08 8558 3834

Still wanting a more information? Take your time to read our Frequently Asked Questions below or call us and we will organise a Chiropractor from our team to call you to chat through the program and answer your questions.

Better Learning Program – The Chiropractic Works

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Better Learning Program involve?

Our program involves a thorough history of your child’s health and wellbeing, and a Chiropractic, neurological and functional movement examination of your child. All of this takes place in our practice and we aim to keep it as fun and interactive as possible. We then compile the results and tailor the program specifically for each child.

Typically, this would include specific Chiropractic adjusting, home care exercises and activities and communication and collaboration with any other of your child’s caregivers or health professionals, including Teachers, Occupational Therapists, Naturopaths etc.

Why should I have my child assessed?

If you, or any of your child’s educators or caregivers, have any concerns about how your child is tracking through their milestones and development. Or if you would just like to get an idea of their readiness for school, then the BLP is a great place to start. The program will assess your child’s current abilities and development so we can identify any areas that might need improvement and ideally begin to address them before they transition to School.

What might the Chiropractor find?

The Chiropractor is looking to see how your child moves and functions, how they are developing through their milestones and how their brain and nervous system are maturing into more adult-like abilities. They are looking to see if your child has any interference to how their nervous system is functioning or any retained primitive reflexes (the baby reflexes, that should gradually disappear over the first 12 to 24 months of life) that may create some challenges to your child’s development or with their ability to learn in a formal environment like School.

How can the Chiropractor help your child?

Once we have completed a detailed history and assessment, we will work with your child to remove any areas of interference within their nervous system through our specific Chiropractic adjustments. We will send your child home with a series of specific exercises and activities, it is important to us that the child is actively involved in this process and we can’t make change without them. We also like to communicate with preschool and primary school teachers to ensure your child has the best transition, as well as refer you to any other health professionals if required.

Who can benefit from the program?

Any pre-school or junior primary aged child can benefit from our program. Even if you have no concerns, this is a great time in a child’s development to perform this type of assessment. From birth to age 5 is the most significant time in a child’s neurological growth and we want to ensure they are all on track to achieving their potential. If you have a child that is older than this they can still of course benefit, we can easily alter the assessment and program according to their age and development.

How long will it take to correct any concerns if they are found?

Each program is tailored specifically for your child and each child is different. We will discuss with you the time frame based around what we find during our assessment and within the program we schedule specific visits to reassess each child’s progress. Once concerns are addressed, you may choose, as many of our current families do, to continue a regular monthly check up to ensure your child continues to reach their optimum potential.

How long does the program take?

The initial assessment is approximately 45 minutes, followed by approximately 10-15 minute follow up appointments. The homecare exercises can be ongoing depending on the child, but we will continue to assess and make appropriate changes as required.

What will the cost of the program be?

The initial assessment will be charged as per our Chiropractic concession initial consultation and subsequent visits at our standard Chiropractic concession rate. These can be found on HERE on our website.

The Program itself has no extra fees and any additional exercises or communication with our professionals is all included.